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Splash Dogs Cynosport World Dock Jumping Competition

Venue Information
West World of Scottsdale
16601 N. Pima Road
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Thu Nov 10
Registration & Dock opens - 8AM
Practice Dock opens - 8AM
Splash 1 - 9:00AM
Splash 2 - 11:00PM
Splash 3 - 1:00PM
Splash 4 - 3:00PM
Dock Closes - 5PM

Fri Nov 11
Registration & Dock opens - 8AM
Practice Dock opens - 8AM
Splash 5 - 9:00AM
Splash 6 - 11:00AM
Splash 7 - 1:00PM
Splash 8 - 3:00PM
Dock Closes - 5PM

Sat Nov 12
Registration & Dock opens - 8AM
Practice Dock opens - 8AM
Splash 9 - 9:00AM
Super Vertical - 10:00AM
Splash 10 - 11:00AM
Splash 11 - 1:00PM
Splash 12 - 3:00PM
Dock Closes - 5PM

Sun Nov 13
Registration & Dock opens - 8AM
Practice Dock opens - 8AM
Splash 13 - 9:00AM
Super Retrieve - 10:00AM
Finals - 3:00PM
Dock Closes - 5PM

There will be practice between waves as time permits

Please check in at least 1 hour before your wave and at least 1 hour prior to the first Finals on Sunday for the finals.

Be ready for your wave. You will be scratched from the heat if you are not available.

Event Details/Entry Information

  • Event Entry: You will enter Cynosport through the Main Ticket Booth. The ticket booth will open at 8am. Entry tickets are available for $10 per person/day. Entry on Thursday is free. There is a discounted weekend pass available for $27 per person.
  • Parking: Splash Dogs will have parking passes for sale at our SD Registration table. Thursday - parking is free. Friday - Sunday parking will be $5 per day. You can buy a weekend pass for $20. We cannot give credit to a competitor who pays for parking and then buys a pass at the venue.
  • An event program which includes a map of the grounds is attached Cynosport World Program

    Event Rules/Information

    • This is an outdoor event to be run into a pool.
    • The dock will 40FTDock - custom built trailer, Astro turf surface .
    • Training for new comers and others will be provided.
    • This event will be open to all dog / handler teams who wish to enter as space permits.
    • Please bring crate to store your dog or have other means to store your dog.
    • Abuse will not be tolerated.
    • Absolutely NO pushing, shoving or throwing your dog into the pool.
    • Please have dogs shots up to date, tags or bring current shot and vaccine papers. Please be responsible for the safety of your dog and others!!!
    • Dog / handler teams may enter only one or as many Waves as they wish (a separate entry fee must be paid for each wave)
    • Dog / handler teams will be placed in groups of up to 15 teams within each heat.
    • Each team will receive two (2) competition jumps.
    • One dog/ and up to two handlers on the dock at a time during competition.
    • All dogs will have the opportunity to acclimate to the dock area prior to their first official competition jump as time permits.
    • Allotted practice time based on event time constraints.
    • The dock will close to all practice jumping 15 minutes prior to the start of each competition Wave, for competitors warm-up.
    • There will not be a finals for this event as it leads to the Splash Dogs World Cynosport Championship.
    • Handlers or handlers representatives must be present to accept ribbons and awards.
    • Ribbons will be awarded after each heat, so stick around. Ribbons will not be mailed.
    • Female dogs in heat will NOT be allowed to compete or in the competition area.

    Event Registration

    • This Splash Dogs event is open to any dog / handler team who wishes to enter. You may do this in one of two ways: Online or on-site
    • You will then be required to pay the registration fee, sign a waiver and show papers when you check-in at the event.
    • Register on-site at least one hour prior to the heat(s) in which you would like to compete.
    • Pre-Registrants will be given PRIORITY for entry in a wave
    • Heats will be determined as competitors enter.
    • Entry e-mail confirmation -- please provide email address with registration.
    • On-site registration will be available only as space permits. Please pre-register to ensure your spot in a wave.
    • You will be able to pay wave/practice fees and purchase merchandise with a credit card at this event.

      Wave Registration Fee is $25 and $25 for additional waves, payable to Splash Dogs (cash, check, or Visa/Master Charge). $25 to practice. If you decide to compete your practice fee will apply towards wave entry fee. Practice is for Open dock practice

Register Now For:
Scottsdale, AZ
Nov 10 - Nov 13, 2016

Handler Information:
The handler must be a single person, please do not list multiple first names. You may opt to change the handler at the event when you check-in onsite.
*First Name :
*Last Name:
Address 1:
Address 2:
Zip Code:
Country (If Different Than US):
Contact Phone:
* It is important you provide a phone number so we can contact you if there are schedule changes or we need to contact you during the event (we've had dogs sitting in the sun or escaping out of crates while their people are at lunch, etc)
Junior Handler (age 6-15): Yes No
Handler's Date of Birth:
(required for Junior Handlers)

Dog Information:
*Dog's Name (Call Name only):
* If you wish to include titles, pronunciation and/or their registered name, please include this info in the "Tell me about your dog" section.
Dog's Owner: First Name: Last Name:
* In cases where a dog is handled by multiple people, please enter the person listed as the owner with Splash Dogs. If you are not sure who is listed as the owner, please visit: If this is left blank, the handler will be listed as the owner.
Dog's Date of Birth:
Dog's Gender: Male Female
If your dog is a mixed breed dog or a breed not included in our list, please select "Other" as the breed and specify the mix of breeds in "Other Breed"
Dog's Breed:
Other Breed:
Dog's Height
at Withers (in inches):

Entry Information:
In which waves do you want to compete? (You may enter as many as you like. Please only select practice checkboxes if you do not plan to enter a wave.)

Thursday: Practice 2016-11-10Splash 1 - 09:00AMSplash 2 - 11:00AMSplash 3 - 01:00PMSplash 4 - 03:00PM
Friday: Practice 2016-11-11Splash 5 - 10:00AMSplash 6 - 12:00PMSplash 7 - 02:00PMSplash 8 - 04:00PM
Saturday: Practice 2016-11-12Super Vertical - 09:00AMSplash 9 - 10:00AMSplash 10 - 12:00PMSplash 11 - 02:00PMSplash 12 - 04:00PM
Sunday: Practice 2016-11-13Super Retrieve - 09:00AMSplash 13 - 10:00AMSplash 14 - 12:00PM

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