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Splash Dogs News

Splash Dogs at the Orange County Pet Expo
April 18, 2008 -- Splash Dogs was excited to be back at the America's Family Pet Expo on April 11-13, 2008! And from the size of the crowds, the spectators were happy to see us back!
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Owner hoping dog sports catch on in Utah
SANDY -- His name is Salix, but he may as well be called Super Dog and wear a cape because this dog can fly. Salix is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever owned by Christy and David Drake, of Clinton.
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Meet Your Neighbor - Doggie Dock Diving
It's not a scene you'd expect to see anywhere but behind an Airstream trailer plum in the middle of the Ozarks. (No, we're not talking about grown men squealing like pigs, sicko.)
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Dogs Make a Big Splash in Pittsburg
See Spot. See Spot run. And, if Tony Reed has his way, see Spot leap 20 feet off a dock to thunderous applause.
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Just Jump!
Jump! No, not with the Pointer Sisters! But, yes with northern Nevada's local dog dock jumping team, High Desert Dive Dogs.
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Auburn Dog Makes a 'Splash'
He's a small fry dog with a super-sized jump.
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Splash Dogs Goes Global
Big air dogs make headlines even overseas. Check out the article here, please not, the magazine is in Russian
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Hot Dog Fueled by Broccoli
One can tell by the spring in his step and his diet that Snapple isn't an ordinary dog, even by Tahoe standards.
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A Big Splash
Atticus ran after the tennis ball bouncing down the dock and stopped in time to watch it splash into the swimming pool. The 18-pound Jack ! Russell terrier wagged his tail and barked, but wouldn't jump in after it.
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Freshman awarded for work with dock dogs
When people think of athletes, they usually think of basketball players, runners, swimmers, skiers, skatboarders... and dock dog handlers? Freshman Becky Abner was recently named the National Junior Handler of the Year for 2005 for dock dogs.
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